From luxury natural fibers to the finest yarns, our clients have suits and sport coats made with this cloth because of the amazing way the cloth hangs on them.

In 1842, when Jules Dormeul opened his door to the cloth trade, he could have hardly envisioned the inception of a business that through economic and political challenges would eventually span across the world’s five continents, emerging 164 years laster as the purveyors of the worlds finest fabrics, still under management and ownership of the founding family.

At the mere age of 22, Jule Dormeul, with his instinctive business insight saw the potential of importing English cloth to sell in France. In 1858, as his inspiration developed, he was joined by his two brothers; Alfed and Auguste. The company expanded year by year and in 1863 took on the name; Dormeuil Freres – Dormeul Brothers, with cloth now being exported from Africa to Asia.

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