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Ladies Custom Suits & Shirts

At Brother’s Tailors, our ladies custom suit and dress shirt is the epitome of quality and elegance in professional attire. We take special care in the process of fitting women with the right custom made suits and dress shirts for a unique look every time.

The ladies custom suit is an asset to a woman’s wardrobe. When walking into a room or making a first impression, a custom suit and shirt commands attention and respect for the woman wearing it.

The custom process starts with measurements taken inside the store. Then it is time to select the fabrics, weight, and weave, as well as collar style, notch or peak lapels, pleats or plain-front and other details that culminate to make the custom suit or shirt truly original every time. After the suit or shirt has been stitched by hand through the made to measure process, the woman is given a fitting. Lastly, alterations are made to the garment to ensure a perfect fit.

The custom experience is one few women are privileged enough to have, but it remains a must-have clothing engagement that every woman should treat herself to.

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