Custom Suits

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Men’s Custom Suits

A men’s suit should command authority for the man who wears it. As a man, the experience of getting a made-to-measure suit is one that few other experiences exceed.

Brother’s Tailors of Phoenix and Scottsdale has you envision the perfect men’s custom suit for your wardrobe that is truly one-of-a-kind. Our master tailors then painstakingly craft the garment to your body’ s every contour.

Each garment is made to your unique measurements and specifications. Select from hundreds of the most fashionable patterns and the highest quality fabrics from the top mills in the world. Next, choose suit specifications like working button holes, lapels, pleats or plain-front, and many others. The material, design and specifications uniquely set you apart from others and have you look a gentleman par excellence.

A custom men’s suit is the ultimate piece of clothing in menswear. Experience the luxury that getting a unique piece of clothing brings and live a life of distinction that a custom suit offers every time you wear it.


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