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Men’s Summer Trends in Phoenix: Pastels

In Phoenix or Scottsdale, everyone knows that July and August are the hottest months to be in the Valley of the Sun. However, the weather should never make you lose your sense of fashion, rather it should change up your fashion.

So this post is devoted to looking at pastel colors as a way to keep you cool and stylish, whether it’s 115 degrees outside or you find yourself in a summer ‘haboob.’

summer trends mens phoenix az


Classic Look

For either casual business dress or out-and-about casual dress in Scottsdale/Downtown Phoenix, wearing a pastel blazer, collared dress shirt, monotone trousers, and slippers or dress shoes are a perfect together.


Other Alternatives

I hand-picked these other looks because of their level of variety. It shows that men are not pigeon-holed to the classic look.

The great part about summer wear is that you are able to mix-and-match. This is unlike fall and winter clothing where in many cases there are set outfits. Plus, pastel colors allow for a wide range of color.

Above, you’ll see that khaki, white or other monotone chino shorts can be worn with a pastel dress shirt. Notice that they are all tucked in, this is important in pulling off the look. I also recommend a custom-made shirt. Shirts off the rack do not provide the slim look that is seen especially in the center image. Short sleeves and knotted chino pants are also great looks which keep you cool!

You have the option of wearing a blazer or not wearing a blazer. These colors can range, however a good rule-of-thumb is that the blazer either matches the pants or shorts color or is a darker monochromatic color paired with light colored pants or chino shorts.

In Conclusion

Mix and match for the occasion; always be aware of who your audience is. In other words, know what is accepted yet still set yourself apart from the crowd by following the rule-of-thumbs when matching colors:

When wearing a blazer, go crazy with the colors in shirts, but proceed with caution with the blazer and trousers. Without the blazer, monotone shirt and pastel trousers, knotted at the bottom with a nice pair of slippers or dress shoes. With this, you won’t go wrong.

How Bespoke is your Bespoke Suit?

Have you ever noticed how everything seems to be “organic” these days? From what you eat to what you put on your body, ‘organic’ has been the buzz word for years. In the men’s high-end tailoring and fashion industry, that word is “bespoke.” It used to have a ring to it, but unfortunately the word has grown to carry a sort of commonplace connotation.

Defining Bespoke
Bespoke, by definition, is the highest form of the process of crafting custom clothing; in other words, it is the highest level of custom. This includes custom suits and custom shirts.

Measuring Process
Bespoke sets itself apart from custom, or made to measure. Custom uses a standardized pattern in which to fit the measurements of the wearer into. On other hand, the Bespoke measuring process is much more extensive, which allows the Bespoke tailor to draw up a pattern drafted from scratch on which to cut.

It is O.K. if measurements are sent to a factory to be crafted, but you have to ask exactly how the suits are made. They should be drawn on material using only the precise measurements taken from the wearer.

“Baste” Stage
Again, if the finished product comes back and not a baste jacket, then it is a made to measure suit, not Bespoke.The “baste” jacket is characteristic of Bespoke. This is the jacket that comes back to the wearer after measurements are taken. The visible stitching gives it away as not a finished product.

Construction & Materials
To be pure Bespoke, the quality of construction and materials used to not matter. However, Savile Row, the most famous Bespoke clothier, did not invent Bespoke as many believe, but established a high standard for Bespoke clothing. Therefore, if the construction is not flawless, and the materials from mills in Italy and England, then it is not pure Bespoke. Loro Piana, Zegna and Barberis are great mills to keep in mind.

The Price
The price is a good indicator here. Just like you wouldn’t spend a few hundred to get a face lift, the same amount of money is going to give you a poorly made suit. You are looking at around $3,500 starters for a quality Bespoke suit.

Even though there is no FDA to govern what is and is not bespoke (like they do with organic foods), you will have to be your own judge as to what is and is not pure, 100% bespoke.

Here’s a recap of what questions to ask:

1. How are the measurements turned into the baste jacket?

2. How many fittings do I have? (If only one, run don’t walk.)

3. What are the mills you use in supplying materials and where are they located?

Armed with these questions, you have a fighting chance of getting a pure Bespoke suit.

Dressing for Any Upscale Bar

When meeting for a client or friend for drinks at any classy establishment, especially those in Scottsdale, Paradise Valley or Downtown Phoenix, the emphasis is put on class.

Rule #1: No Jeans, no exceptions.
Jeans are great if you are going to a lesser bar or club. Those are the places that your True Religion or 7 for All Mankind’ jeans can be worn, but not in an upscale bar. They require dress slacks, and only dress slacks.

Rule #2: The Essentials
This should be the “go-to” look: Always have ready a suit with white collared shirt underneath, pocket square and loafers/slippers.

Every man needs a custom white shirt in his wardrobe. This is good for almost any occasion and is extremely versatile.  Also, a suit with trousers tapered around the ankle and a paisley print pocket square to set off the suit.

Rule #3: Mix & Match
Once you have the Essentials, use this as a basis to go off of with colors. I would recommend using the seasons as a good for color selection. For example, in spring/summer go with a seersucker or whipcord material for the suit. In autumn/winter, utilize wool for charcoal grays, browns and deep navy blues.



The difference is very clear in mixing and matching for the various seasons. You can either get a suit all in one color or take a checkered/plaid sports coat and pair it with either monotone or vibrant colored trousers. Always with a light custom shirt that fits well under the sports coat and either custom or tailored trousers to crop and taper them around the ankles.

As long as the top 3 rules are followed, you will be one of the best dressed people at the bar and the envy of all around you and your friends.

The Key to the Perfect Custom Shirt: Fabric Choice

custom shirts phoenix

Before the 1900’s and the advent of industrialization, the apparel choice of the noble and elite class was always custom. Any emblem
on their clothing other than their own was bourgeois, in other words, brands as we know them today were seen as low class.

With the rise in popularity for custom and bespoke clothing, custom is making a comeback and once again asserting its influence above that of major designers. And the best place to start in custom is with a custom dress shirt. Fabric choice is essential to creating your perfect custom shirt.

Fabric Thread Count and Construction

Higher thread count means a smoother, silkier, and more expensive fabric. Even though the shirts classifications, like 20s, 30s, up to 200s, are not literal measures of thread count, the thread count is higher with higher classifications.

However, be careful if you get too higher, because they are actually less durable.


Twill is one of the most popular fabrics with custom dress shirts. The cloth’s shiny characteristic gives the custom shirt a very rich look. It is also a tight weave and has a high thread count that makes the fabric extremely light, which is great for hot summers in Phoenix and Scottsdale, Arizona.

Other light weight and breathable fabrics great for summer are broadcloth and batiste. Broadcloth is a very light cloth, which gives the shirt a bit of a transparent look. Dobby is similar in thickness and weight, but differs in the patterns it can be put with, to be discussed in future posts. Batiste is characteristically a very light, sheer fabric that has been shown popular in different reversible patterns woven together, as seen below.

custom shirts scottsdale

The most popular out of the oxford family is the Pinpoint Oxford. Unlike the Oxford Cloth and Royal Oxford, the pinpoint is an extremely versatile shirt. It can be dressed up or down and worn at many different occasions, whereas the oxford cloth has a heavier weight and construction and is more worn casually. Royal oxford custom shirts are extremely rich looking and should not be worn casually.

Finally, Brushed Twill, twill’s “winter cousin,” is less shiny and has a fuzzy feel to it, which makes it perfect for colder climates and the winter season.


When picking out fabrics, be cognoscente of the level of formality as well as the season and/or climate of where you will be wearing the shirts mostly. Master custom shirt tailors, like those of Brother’s Tailors, should be well aware of fabric distinctions, so rely on their expertise to guide you along the custom shirt experience.

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