Bespoke Suits

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Bespoke Suits

The Bespoke suit is the king of suits. It spells out luxury and elegance for the gentleman or lady who wears it. Each suit is one-of-a-kind, a duplicate never to be reproduced because it is hand-stitched to the wearer’s every contour; it is the utmost form of custom.

The bespoke process is multistage and involves extensive measuring to ensure a supreme fit. The initial measurements and specifications are taken in the store; and these are used to individually cut, trim and stitch the canvas all by hand. Once the “basted” stage has been reached, which is also known as the framework of a bespoke suit (marked by its stitching), the wearer will try the coat on and adjustments are noted. The basted suit will then be taken back to finish crafting a complete suit. Once finished, the bespoke suit will return and be tried on once more to ensure a perfect fit.

Each fabric is picked from only the finest European mills to make the wearer feel and look exquisite. The fabric line includes everything from your favorite basic pinpoint to the most fashionable colors and patterns from the best mills in the world.

The bespoke experience is one that few men or women in Phoenix and Scottsdale know, and it is one that no clothing experiences come close to. This is a must-have engagement that every man and woman should have in their lifetime. test

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