Bespoke Shirts

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Bespoke Shirts

Brother’s Tailors is an exclusive tailor in Phoenix and Scottsdale, Arizona for the highly sought after bespoke shirt. Each one of our bespoke dress shirts is truly custom with every order hand-cut and sewn to your exact specifications with the assistance of our master tailors.

Each bespoke shirt is cut, sewn and stitched entirely by hand and from scratch, unlike custom dress shirts. With our over 14 required measurements and many specifications to choose from, this offers you a true bespoke shirt of your own design.

Our process and master tailors combines the finest construction, fabrics from the world’s most exclusive mills, and numerous styling options to create your bespoke shirt.

Phoenix and Scottsdale’s premier bespoke shirt maker is at Brother’s Tailors. Don’t just buy a shirt, create your own truly unique masterpiece.


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