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Bespoke Clothing in Phoenix

Pure bespoke is the highest level of the custom process. It combines crafting a completely individualized garment, crafted entirely by hand, with using the finest materials in the world. Brother’s Tailors offers¬†bespoke clothing to¬†Phoenix and Scottsdale, a time-honored tradition.

Each garment is hand-crafted according to your measurements and specifications. Our master tailors take the utmost precision in the cut, trim and stitch of your clothing. Each inch, whether it be the coat, shirt or pants, is perfectly tailored to every contour of the body.

Our tailors use the highest quality fabrics and most fashionable colors and patterns from the best mills in the world. Depending on the piece of clothing, orders include full canvas construction, functioning button holes, sewn collars and lapels, various hand stiched details, hand made button holes, and specifications; altogether producing a purely unique look and feel.

Bespoke clothing incorporates sleek modern style with traditional techniques and styling. Our bespoke tailors have a forty-year reputation of crafting bespoke suits and bespoke shirts. It has been our policy to provide you with friendly service, dependable delivery, and quality tailoring every time you come in.

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